About Us


Rolledlife was founded in 2014, a college project from Wailan Rawung, Adhitya Putra, Dika Dzuqadhono, and Teddy Lukman, at first they named it @keongturbo. Soon after the projects over and abandoned for about a couple months, Wailan renamed it to Rolled.Inc.

‘Rolled’ stands for something that turns around and around, and ‘life’ means about the life and culture that we’ve lived on. Rolledlife means all the things that turns around and comes around us as a car enthusiast. Basically the ‘Inc’ stands for incorporated, it means that the management of this site is still from a family or you may say a project that came out from a garage. But in future we’ll keep our feet more rigid to provide you our cool stuffs. So we provide you about all the life of Indonesian’s car enthusiast. Because a car from a car enthusiast is not just a car. They have their own perspective, style, and passion in it.

Soon after the rolled.inc’s name came out, Wailan meets Iman Kurniawan. Iman himself is a man who passionate about cars and art. Study in cinematography makes him a good videographer. So many of you will found his piece of works at our videos.

Our journey is ahead of us. So, please support us. Thanks.